Tax Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Litigation

Losing a home or other property to tax foreclosure confronts owners with a frightening reality. Tax-foreclosed properties are often worth far more than the outstanding taxes, but a foreclosure may cost the owners all their equity in the property.

A recent change in Michigan law provides tax-foreclosed owners an opportunity to claim surplus proceeds from the foreclosure sale and recoup value from their properties even after foreclosure. However, the new Michigan law includes various complexities that a former property owner must navigate before claiming surplus proceeds.

Lachman King’s experienced attorneys can help you protect your property interests when faced with losing one of your most valuable assets when faced with foreclosure. Lachman King stands ready to stand by you and protect your right to surplus recovery in the court of law. To actually recover surplus funds, some jurisdictions may require that a petition be filed, while others may allow a written demand to be made to the person performing the foreclosure sale. However, once those funds are acquired, they can be used to help the property owner redeem their property. If you or someone you know is facing a foreclosure, we can assist you in recovering money to which you may be entitled.

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