When a utility strike occurs, it is essential to know if the utility line was properly placed. State laws impose duties on contractors, employers, and utilities with regard to an excavation that may involve a utility strike. According to Public Safety Act 174 (MISS DIG), excavators must take measures to protect themselves, those in immediate danger, the general public, and the environment in the event of a utility strike.

We understand how public safety and excavating protocols can impose additional duties onto excavating teams, which is why we aim to mitigate liability by calling MISS DIG before excavation, and litigate on your behalf if protocols were breached in any way.

Utilities can also cross paths with the act of condemnation on another’s property. We deal with compliance and eminent domain disputes and can effectively work with the courts to determine the correct legal recourse for utilities connected with eminent domain and condemnation disputes between all associated parties.

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